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LEGO® – Paard en pony aanhangwagen – 42634

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  • LEGO® Friends Paard en pony aanhangwagen bouwset
  • Leuke cadeautip voor kinderen die van rollenspellen houden
  • Categorie: Friends
  • Leeftijd: 4+
  • Aantal stukjes: 105
  • Item ID: 42634


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    EAN: 5702017568782 SKU: 42634
    Laatste update op 16/07/2024 13:28
    Laatst bijgewerkt op 19/04/2024 06:08 Details
    LEGO® – Paard en pony aanhangwagen – 42634
    LEGO® – Paard en pony aanhangwagen – 42634


    Kinderen zullen genieten van het bouwen met deze LEGO® Friends Paard en Pony aanhangwagen bouwset. Een ideaal cadeau voor kinderen die graag rollenspellen spelen.

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    3 recensies voor LEGO® – Paard en pony aanhangwagen – 42634

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    1. nmtabby1978

      Super adorable. This Lego Horse and Pony Trailer toy rocks! It is super adorable and my kids love it. This toy teaches children rudimentary building skills and in a fun way. I love that. It has 105 peices and is approved for children ages 4+. I also like the characters included are female farmers and the horses come with grooming tools. It also lets kids know that having an animal requires grooming and feeding. I highly recommendthis toy to anyone 4+ seeking a durable, high-quality toy!

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    2. mamax3hcs

      Love legos. I was so excited to be picked to get this to review! All 3 of my kids absolutely love Legos! My teenage boys love the harder ones, and my toddler daughter loves to learn how to build! The “friends” line of legos are so cute, and this one with ponies is spot on! My daughter is going to love this when she gets it for Easter! Thank you, Influenster, for sending this to us!

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    3. jessicap1093

      So much fun. If you have kids who love animals, this LEGO set is for you! My kids couldn’t wait to built this set. I set up a “building zone” for them, and I was so surprised at how they were able to build it all by themselves! This is so great for teaching a sense of independence and confidence while also having a ton of fun doing so. The instructions are easy to understand (there are step by step pictures) so they can easily understand the process piece by piece. This is seriously one of the best toys ever, especially since you have the option of taking it apart and doing it again OR leaving it whole to put on display! The end result is super adorable. You can switch up most of it too which makes for a fun creative twist every time you want to rebuild it! Highly recommend this great, fun learning tool!!

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